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VDW Chapter 7.2: two hotels, one competition, our exclusive interview 113

We are getting closer to the end of our first dossier on Venice Design Week, VDW, and this time we have the opportunity to show the two hotels… Source link

This Weekend Calendar Consideration

This Weekend Calendar Spooky season has finally begun, but lucky for us, summer never truly ends in Miami. This weekend we have just what you need to relax or dance the weekend away. Get ready to eat at luxury restaurants, soak up the sun and dance the night away, we’re sure this lineup of activities …


BENETTI LAUNCHED M/Y SUNRISE MEDITERRANEO 116 Benetti Mediterraneo 116 MY SUNRISE Last Tuesday Benetti launched M/Y “SUNRISE” in Viareggio,… Source link

How Men Can Make A Fashion-Statement With Emerald Stone Rings

How Men Can Make A Fashion-Statement With Emerald Stone Rings Knowing how to style jewelry can be a little challenging for men. Watches, tie pins,… Source link

Del Este Jewelry

This Miami Based Luxury Brand is Raising the Bar Through Every Diamond The colorless, diaphanous and ultra high-priced precious stone known as the diamond, brings out the raw pulchritude on every women. In Miami, there is a brand raising the bar for ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamond – a practice that has been disturbed by violence …

Tune Out and Stay Focused While Working From Home

Tune Out and Stay Focused While Working From Home When working from home, you are likely going to encounter more distractions than you would in a traditional office setting. If you don’t live alone, you have housemates to contend with, and sometimes housemates can make a lot of distracting noise. You can try to mitigate …

Tips to Pamper Yourself During Summer

Pamper Yourself During Summer Summer is a favorite season for many people, and everyone wants to make the most of the warmer months. Self-care should be a year-round practice but take advantage of summer and give yourself some extra pampering. There is nothing wrong with some extra pampering; relieve some stress by having a relaxing …