From our childhood’s Cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, women are reminded of the importance of a good heel consistently throughout their lives. This indoctrination is perhaps the reason why staggering statistics show that women are responsible for over 60 percent of the $40 billion worth of shoes sold in the U.S today. When considering that most shoe wear nowadays is not only expensive, but also incredibly uncomfortable, one can only help but wonder: why? Why is it that women are willing to spend their hard earned money on $500 six inch Louboutin heels? Are we all just chasing after our long lost Cinderella dream? Or is there perhaps, more to it than just the pursuit of a simple fairy tale?

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Let’s face it, buying shoes feels good. The rush created when we swipe our credit card instantly releases dopamine in our brain, creating that almost overwhelming feel-good sensation. But there’s another big reason that explains our obsession with shoes that doesn’t involve the simple release of chemicals inside our brain. Think to yourself, what is one of the main reasons our species does anything nowadays? The answer: sex. Sex applies to shoes perhaps in more ways than we would initially think. Wearing the right heels does not only makes us look taller, but it gives us an immediate boost of confidence and with that, a sense of empowerment that easily translates in a significant increase in sex appeal. Men might not always notice which pairs of shoes we have on, but the inner sexuality that roars inside us when wearing them goes far from unnoticed by men. Our feminine shape is enhanced, our attitudes improved, only to come together in that perfect equation that transforms us into a more sensual and feminine woman.

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Everything in moderation, but perhaps next time you see that new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s or Jimmy Choo’s in the shopping window, you won’t feel quite as bad about spoiling yourself with a little guilty pleasure. After all, who doesn’t benefit from feeling like an overall more powerful, confident and sensual woman?


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