Image Source: Joe's Jeans
Image Source: Joe’s Jeans

Ever been out and about when your phone is suddenly about to die? That bulky charger that you have doesn’t fit in your pocket and there isn’t an outlet in near sight. Since you can’t charge your phone, your phone is left to die while you may miss out on a very important phone call or text, or even the best lighting you ever experienced to take a selfie with. You no longer have to worry about your phone dying while being on the go because the newest innovation in wearable technology is here!

Say #hello to Joe’s Jeans newest collection of denim called #Hello, jeans that are able to carry your phone while it charges in a sleek side pocket. What’s great about this pair of jeans is that you can sit comfortably when charging your phone and not have to worry about your phone being damaged. These jeans are not only stylish but come in four different colors (as seen below) to mix and match with the color of your phone case.

Image Source: Joe's Jeans
Image Source: Joe’s Jeans

In just four easy steps where you first: slide the charged slim battery into the battery into the battery pocket and connect it to the power cord. Secondly, place your iPhone in the secret side pocket. Thirdly, connect your iPhone to the iPhone compatible plug. Lastly, you press the button on the slim battery to charge. You can charge your iPhone at any place and any time in just a matter of seconds.

These high tech jeans also have a high price tag that will cost you $189, which charges your iPhone 5, 5s, 5c to 100 percent and 6 to 85 percent. An additional $49 is also needed for the battery pack.

After you snag these hip jeans and become the talk of the town, you will no longer have to ever worry if you will have enough battery life that will last until you make it home.


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