Big news for Bridesmaids fans: Director Paul Feig has gifted us with another summer comedy, and we have the inside scoop. Feig’s new film stars Melissa McCarthy, who plays the role of Susan Cooper, a bored CIA analyst. Cooper ambitiously volunteers to take on one of the agency’s most treacherous missions. We follow Cooper, the most unlikely CIA candidate, as she comically takes on this dangerous operation in an action-packed film. The movie includes music performed by Ziggy Marley, Joe Jonas, and Demi Lovato.

Spy features other big names, such as Jude Law, Raad Rawi, Jessica Chaffin, and Miranda Hart- who were all seen at last night’s movie premier in NYC. Melissa McCarthy caught viewer’s attention by her noticeable weight loss, and further surprised guests by wearing one of her very own designs from her up-in-coming line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7. It is reported her clothing line will be available in August on her website

We are very excited to see McCarthy and her cast mates when this film hits theaters on June 5th.

Photos by Andrew Wright
Written by Allison Kamen


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