Imani is an American singer, songwriter, originally from North Africa (Morocco). At the age of 17 Imani moved to Miami where she joined an all female band as a lead singer, and did some shows around Ft Lauderdale and Miami. Now as a solo artist Imani is ready to take over the music world, with her seductive sound, and hypnotizing dance moves, Imani is one artist you can’t afford to miss…




How long have you been a singer ?

Since I can remember, I used to make my sisters listen to me sing at the age of 6 and I still do to this day..  lol


So what are you working on now ?

Well, after my first single Hypnotic came out in November last year, I’ve been working and recording non-stop. I have  just finished my second single ” I’m Alive ” that is due to come out very soon. I’m very excited about it being dance song and we are now going over concepts for the music video.


What is your music about ?

I love writing and singing about love, since love it self fascinates me. It’s the most dangerous drug out there, beautiful, frustrating and unpredictable. It feels so good and it can hurt so bad.


What other projects are you working on?

Right now I’m very focused on my music as it takes up a lot of my time.


What does music mean to you ?

Music is how our souls communicate. It is a universal language and it unites us, I truly believe that there is great power in it. You just have to use it the right way.


How would you describe your music ?

I am a Pop / EDM artist but I love all genres, especially R&B . I listen to everything.


What artists have influenced you ?

I grew up listening to the great Michael Jackson and Madonna , and Celine Dion is my favorite artist to date.


Thank you Imani for taking the time to speak with us and we look forward to your next release…



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