Since blowing up in the fashion scene a few years ago, Asaf Ganot has turned into the new innovator for menswear design.

Male models strutted their stuff on the runway of ARTBEAM at 540 West 21st Street to bring a little bit of Brazilian flavor to New York City.

Inspired by Brazil, Asaf Ganot developed a luxury casual chic collection by harmonizing the easygoing Brazilian mindset with a hint of tailoring and macho feeling. Asaf Ganot was mainly moved by Brazil because he has lived in Brazil for 2 years and has forever desired to be Brazilian. This collection is taken from his own perception of the Brazilian attitude, lifestyle, and how the man dresses in Brazil.

Where minimalism meets luxury, this collection is shown through an atypical fusion of fabrics and materials. There is also a mixture of recognizable silhouettes integrated through the spectacles of raw edges and unraveled edges.

The Asaf Ganot Spring/Summer 2016 collection is all about leather and suede. He showed leather that varied from electric blue moto style to a white biker alternative with a charcoal flap. Suede was even seen in the shoes. Tailored options were comprised of tuexdo suits with leather-trimmed flaps and a paper crinkle blazer and shorts with frayed edges.

Ganot has continued to illustrate his vision with his Spring/Summer 2016 collection. His Spring/Summer 2016 collection has us booking our next flight to Brazil to also become inspired by the mens fashion there.

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New York Fashion Week 2016 Mens: Greg Lauren Spring / Summer 2016 Men's Collection Show

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