Bad boys never looked so good!

A men’s fashion favorite Public School continued to perfect its perception on contemporary American menswear.

The highly anticipated Public School presentation was all about bad behavior. Creative directors Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow made an effort to make somewhat of a political statement during this presentation. They put their models in their own interpretation of a police lineup to showcase the Spring/Summer 2016 collection and also express their opinion on America’s criminal justice system

Models lined up against the lines with some attitude to show off Public School’s loose fitting fabrics and functional pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the look that one desires. The monochromatic looks were made up of black, white and navy color pieces that exhibited a combination of exquisite tailoring, athletic references, and true New York City style. This collection included pieces that could be worn by trendsetters, such as the harem pant or more traditional stylers such as the over-sized coat.

Public School sure did take the spotlight at New York Fashion Week Mens. It will be hard for anyone to compete with Public School after seeing this memorable presentation.

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New York Fashion Week 2016 Men's - Anzevino Getty Spring 2016 Presentation



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