An almost overwhelming brightness greets the eager spectators when first walking into the presentation of Nautica’s Men’s Spring 16 Swim Collection. Platform 2 at the Skylight Clarkson Square, the chosen venue for this event, is bathed in immaculate white walls which give an overall sense of tranquility to the scene that translates not only to the designs themselves, but also to the brand´s choice of models, whom are neatly lined up in two symmetrical rows while remaining still for everyone to revel at.

In a world dominated by man-buns, long hair and borderline excessive beards, Nautica manages to bring us back to the old-fashioned ideal of the clean cut and shaven all-american classic male . The Spring 2016 collection itself, composed mainly of swimwear, brings us the usual simple yet sophisticated designs the brand has become known and loved for over the years. Their signature trunk is presented in mostly white, navy and grey tones, with a pop of sporadic red color as well nautical stripes, joined by what could be defined as almost architectural prints. These star items are paired with fisherman and hooded jackets, as well the occasional pea-coat and V neck sweater, all presented in solid vibrant colors that give an overall sense of brisk nautical freshness reminiscent of a cool summers day in Montauk.

photos by John Nacion


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