Loris Diran presented his Spring/Summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week Mens at the Dimenna Center for Classical Music.

In 2011, Diran was the winner of the 2011 Fashion Group International ‘Rising Star’ Award for Best Menswear Designer.

His Spring/Summer 2016 collection displayed a combination of both tailored and atheletic pieces that surprisingly worked well with one another. Functioning inside a narrow group of colors that consisted of blue, gray, beige and brown, Diran showed us great knits, sophisticated blazers, and double-breasted jackets with either slim, cropped pants or in drop-crotch, tight-fiiting trousers that reach to the ankle. Different swirl panels that were located on outerwear provided a subtle magnitude to the collection.

From this collection, we can see that Loris Diran is growing and learning from his successful past, while projecting toward an assuring future.

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New York Fashion Week Mens - Malan Breton SS 2016 Collection


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