Organized in 2013 in Los Angeles, California, founders William Anzevino and August Getty developed Anzevino Getty concentrates on clothing that stresses their California luxe lifestyle. The highlight of each collection is on the luxurious European textiles they use and the easy shapes they utilize.

Anzevino Getty presented their spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week Mens. The handsome male models that posed for photos while rocking Anzevino Getty proved that this collection can be worn by men whenever and where ever while still being comfortable and staying relaxed.

These garments showed simple silhouettes intensified by striking colors, textural combinations, and custom prints. The color palette of the collection is established from a black, white, and gray core base, lifted to oatmeal; highlights of royal, cobalt and neon blues to electric moss green. Taken from nature, prints and textures include silver birch bark, precious stones, granites, and moss growth on wood. Made with fabrics from heirloom quality Parisian jacquard, Italian silks, Swiss cottons and Japanese tech knits, whist Italian leather that is used in accessories, shorts, jackets, and hats.

Complete each of Anzevino Getty’s with their accessories that include duffle, gym, and weekender bags that also reflect the essence of the collection.

Men wearing Anzevino Getty’s clothing and accessories will sure be noticed! Make sure to take photos while wearing Anzevino Getty’s Sprin 2016 collection because you are sure to get instant instant Instagram appeal! #anzevinogetty

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New York Fashion Week 2016 Men's - Matiere Spring / Summer 2016


New York Fashion Week 2016 Men’s – Public School Spring / Summer 2016 Presentation

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