Friends with Benefits Designer launches Clark Sabbat.  A new collection that is designed with emphasis on two main details, “exceptional style and comfort.” Architecture inspires the collection with impeccable must have clean lines, multiple textures that integrate with unexpected and surprising details that evoke elegance for the modern woman living in today’s world. Where confidence walks with a sense of softness leaving an undeniable lasting impression.
Sabbat’s inspiration for this season’s collection comes from three very distinct and different places. Starting with the foundation of Architecture, guided by two of fashions legendary designers, Madame Grès and Vionnet all sewn and melded together by the heartbeat of the NYC streets.

Clark Sabbat 2015 2016 Women's Collection Clark Sabbat 2015 2016 Women's Collection Clark Sabbat 2015 2016 Women's Collection Clark Sabbat 2015 2016 Women's Collection

Sabbat has recently been selected by NJAL as one the top 100 emerging designers from over 15,000 designers.  Sabbat will be presenting in Vicenza Italy May15th to 18th 2015. For more information or to attend, please read below.

NJAL’s Origin’s Passion and Beliefs (OPB) project returns for the second time, in collaboration with the Fiera Di Vicenza. From 15th–18th May 2014, OPB will be the only trade fair in the world to bring together 100 of Italy’s most distinguished manufacturers and suppliers with 100 of NJAL’s innovative emerging fashion talent from five continents. OPB will spotlight the world’s pioneers in global design, within a creative infrastructure where both business and artistry can prosper in equal measure. For more information: f431 4fcb ab06 51d5f094deca


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