OF MIAMI / 2016

AUG. 27 – SEP. 11




Considered the most important ballet festival in the US

Featuring worldwide prestigious ballet companies 

represented by their greatest stars


From August 27 through September 11/ 2016, Miami Hispanic Ballet will present the 21st edition of the International Ballet Festival of Miami (IBFM). The Festival is recognized as the most successful in the US and is the only one of its kind in the State of Florida, giving our residents and visitors the unique chance to view the works of over 100 artists from more than 20 worldwide ballet companies representing countries from Austria, Italy, Romania, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and USA.  The festival incorporates a dance film series, art exhibits, book presentations, workshops and five live performances providing a spectacular event that serves the diverse audience of South Florida. The festival will take place at eight  different venues including, Lehman Theater Miami Dade College North Campus, Miami Beach Cinematheque, Coral Gables Cinematheque, Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, Colony Theater, Miami Dade County Auditorium, and the Miramar Cultural Center, Broward County.




Contemporary Performance

Powerful Cutting Edge dance program featuring international guest Modern Contemporary dance companies. Ballet Folklorico d Antioquia, Colombia with 20 dancers and, musicians, Ballet Nacional  Chileno and Dramo, Venezuela,  with a mix of dance and opera drama based on La Traviata by choreographer Leyson Ponce. The Festival also invites local companies promoting our city’s talent.

2016; Ballet de Antioquia, Colombia; Ballet Nacional Chileno, Chile, Compania Dramo, Venezuela.

Date:  Saturday, September  3/  8:00 pm

Venue: Colony Theater in Miami Beach 

Tickets:   Theater Box Office  305 674 1040



International Young Medalists Performance

This program is presented in collaboration with the foremost competition organization, Youth America Grand Prix, drawing on their international network of dance talent.  “Meet today the stars from tomorrow”, the festival invites national and international young ballet artists that are medal winners of the YAGP for two special performances. Each year the matinee performance invites public schools and college students to attend this unique event free of charge.

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 7  / 11:00 am (Free for Students only)

 Venue:  Lehman Theater Miami Dade College North Campus



International Young Medalists Performance

In collaboration with Youth American Grand Prix

Date: Wednesday, September  7/   8:00 pm  (Open to General Public)                        

Venue:  Lehman Theater Miami Dade College North Campus

Tickets:  786 747 1877



Etoiles Classical Grand Gala Performance

Ballet Stars from around the world frepresenting 14 prestigious ballet companies perform the most famous classical and neo-classical ballet repertoire.

“A Life for Dance” Lifetime Achievement Award is presented during this Gala to outstanding worldwide renowned Ballet Dancers, Choreographers & Directors, honoring their legacy and brilliant careers.


2016 Recipient: Carlos Gacio, Cuban International Ballet Master

Past honorees include: Fernando Bujones, Edward Villella, Ekaterina Maximova, Vladimir Vasiliev, Roland Petit, Rosella Hightower, among others.

Date: Saturday, September 10/ 8:00 pm

Venue: Miami Dade County Auditorium

Theater Box Office:  305 547 5414



Festival Closing Gala of the Stars Performance

All guest Principal Dancers perform at this Gala performance with a different program.

The “Criticism and Culture of Ballet” Award is presented honoring the most important national and international dance critics.


2016 Recipient: Patricia Aulestia, President of Federation of Dance Professionals, Mexico

Vice President of CIAD Mexico
Past honorees: Clive Barnes (New York Times), Roger Salas (El Pais, Spain), Anna Kisselgoff (New York Times), Rene Sirvin (Le Figaro, France), Orlando Taquechel (El Nuevo Herald), among others.

Date: Sunday, September 11 / 5:00pm

Venue: Miramar  Cultural Center

Theater Box Office:  954 602 4500



a) Festival’s Poster Unveiling Reception

The IBFM opens with a cocktail reception to unveil the Festival’s Official Poster created by Cuban Artist  and former principal dancer Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez, the Festival’s Award Statues and the opening of the Art Exhibit Series.  This event is by invitation only to our sponsors, donors and the media.

Date: Saturday, August 27 /  7:00 PM

Venue: Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center

b) Dance Film Series

The IBFM has developed a Dance Film Series in collaboration with the Cinemathèque de la Danse de Paris and the Dance Film Association (New York).  The films are shown at Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, Miami Dade College North Campus, Coral Gables Museum and the Miami Beach Cinematheque.   Through this Film Series the Festival’s aim is to educate the public by presenting dance documentaries and films exposing the beauty of this art form.


Program  I

Date:  August 29 & 30/  8:00 pm  (Open to Public – Free)

A Ballerina’s Tale-The Misty Copeland Story   (29   

PINA -documentary about the great Choreographer Pina Bausch (30)

Venue: Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center     Info @  786 747 1877


Program  II

Date: September  3 & 4 /  4:00 pm.    (Open to Public)

PINA (Bausch) – 3D version of documentary about the famous cutting edge choreographer (3)

Special Premier Screening of spectacular new film “DANCER”  (4)

Venue: Miami Beach Cinematheque        Tickets @  305 673 4567


Program III

Date: Sept 6 / 3:30pm

PINA -documentary about the great choreographer Pina Bausch


Program IV

Date: September 8 & 9 / 11:00 am.   (Free for students)

A Ballerina’s- Tale -The Misty Copeland Story & PINA -documentary about the great Pina Bausch

Venue: Miami Dade College North Campus Conference Center Rooms 3201 & 3202


c) Workshops

The IBFM has developed a series of workshops offered to intermediate and advanced dance students during the two weeks of the Festival, featuring a group of national and international instructors invited for their reputation, teaching abilities and technique, offering classes in classical ballet, modern, contemporary dance and jazz.

Dates:  August  29 through  September 9   (4:00 – 8:00 pm)

Venue: Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center     More Info  @   786 747 1877


d) Ballet Master Classes

Selected students will be invited to observe the Ballet master classes offered to the Festival’s guest principal dancers at the different venues of the performances.

Date: September  10 & 11

Venues:   Miami Dade County Auditorium & Miramar Cultural Center


e) Art Exhibit Series

Every year the IBFM present a thematic art exhibition inspired by dance and selects a different artist  to create the Festival’s Official Poster and showcase their art at Pena’s Gallery.  This year the Exhibit will include works by former Cuban Dancer and Artist Isanusi Garcia Rodriguez

Art Exhibit Series are open to the public and free of charge

Date: August  27  – September 30

Venue: Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center (Pena’s Gallery)    More Info @  786 747 1877


e) Book Presentation

The IBFM has also created a space for the special presentation of Magazines and Books dedicated to the dance. Each year authors and editors are present for the release and signing of their books, as well as to been interviewed by Miami Herald critic Orlando Taquechel and share their stories with the audience.


Program  I

Cuban critic and writer, Baltasar Martin Santiago  “Vision 21/21” edition 2013-16

Date:  Thursday, September 8 / 8:00 pm   (Free Open to the Public)

Venue:   Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center         More Info @  786 747 1877


Program  II

Journalist, Critic, Author and designer, Roger Salas writer for  El Pais, Madrid, Spain, will present the last addition to his trilogy Papeleria Sobre la Danza y El Ballet “Por Que Bailamos” .

Presentation of the book “Apreciacion y Tecnica en Torno a la Escuela Cubana de Ballet” by former Cuban ballerina Maria Cristina Alvarez

Date:  Friday,  September 9 /  8:00 pm.    (Free Open to the Public)

Venue:   Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center         More Info @  786 747 1877