Design by Alexander Wang
Design by Alexander Wang

New Yorkers love wearing all black but with the sweltering summer heat and not to mention the hot and sticky humidity of the subways, one can nearly pass out while wearing all black clothing. The secret to wearing all black in the summer and not nearly passing out while walking the streets of New York is to pick lighter black fabrics than one would wear during the winter season.

Instead of wearing fabrics such as wool and polyester that feel heavy on one’s body, wear fabrics like cotton and chiffon that are light and airy. These light fabrics will make you feel as though as you can breathe under the warm summer sun even though you are wearing the color that attracts the most sunlight: black. A way of doing this is also to keep your look simple while pairing a black cotton shirt with a pair of black shorts or a black skirt and black sandals, this look is very basic but stylish at the same time. And you’ll probably wondering, what about leather? New Yorkers love black leather clothing but can it be worn during the summer? And the answer is YES! When wearing leather, you can wear pieces such as leather vest with a breezy dress or leather shorts with a tank top.

Now you wouldn’t wear long sleeves and long pants in the summer, so definitely don’t do this when wearing all black in the summer. Rather show off that summer tan and a little skin, a perfect way to do this and stay cool is by wearing a black crop top. If these tips still haven’t convinced you, when in doubt you can always add a little color to your all black look. Neutral colors such as white and khaki do not interfere from your overall black look; instead they will flatter and add a touch of brightness without taking away for your black sophistication.

Now that it is proven that you can wear all black in the summer, ditch those bright and bold colors and return to the dark side for summer with black clothing. Remember, that you can never go wrong with black!


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