The craziness of New York Fashion Week is right around the corner. With all the running around from show to show and the endless amount of hours that are put into this week, you do not want to be caught up in a mess during the most important time of the year for the fashion world.

You will no longer have to worry about keeping up with all the chaos during New York Fashion week, because New York Style Guide has these tips that will help you survive fashion week:

  • Be Organized – You wouldn’t want to arrive to a show and suddenly realize that you don’t have your invite. To avoid this from happening make sure that you have everything you need for that day of fashion week packed the night before. Have an it-bag to bring with you that is filled with the necessities that are needed to survive fashion week, such as granola bars and a battery pack to keep yourself and your phone charged through out the long hours of this busy week. Leave no room for error because remember, one can never be too organized!
  • Statement Flats – It’s no secret that heels can be a pain on our feet. They can even be more of a pain during fashion week when running around through out New York City. So, it’s okay to take a break from those 5-inch heels during a time where you’re supposed to look your best fashionably. If you don’t want to wear flats all day long, you can bring flats that fold up in your bag. Just don’t forget that these flats should be both comfortable and stylish.
  • Bring Business Cards –¬†Business cards might feel out-of-date, but they really get the job done. You never know whom you could encounter at New York Fashion Week, and it would be unfortunate to miss out on new connections because you were not ready to supply people with your contact information. A business card is an excellent reminder of who you are as a person! Make sure to also carry around a pen with you in case you want to write some extra information on your card.
  • Uber It – If you can afford it, take car service instead of a cab, especially when you have back-to-back shows in different locations. This will save you lots of time because you won’t have to wait 30 minutes outside of a show for a cab. To save money, spilt the car service fare among friends or your colleagues. Nobody wants to make a bad impression by being fashionably late during fashion week and taking car service will definitely help you to arrive on time.
  • Take In Every Moment – Most importantly, remember you’re doing what you love. Make the most out of every moment during fashion week because opportunities like this don’t come very often for most.

We can’t wait till New York Fashion Week and hope that these tips will help you survive this hectic week!




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