How To: Get a 5 minute face with a pop of color!



As much as we all want to look our best and take our time getting ready in the morning, the truth is, we all have crazy lives.  Between work, play dates, social events and our day to day routines, it can be hard to find the time to get Glammed-Up and look our best. So how about a 5 minute face that will make you look radiant and ready to take on the day or night? With only a couple of steps, some tricks and a few products you can create a look that will turn heads and make you feel your very best!

1. Prep your skin. As usual you want to prep your skin before you apply any type of makeup. Moisturizing your skin is important whether or not you are wearing makeup. It keeps your skin hydrated and gives it elasticity, giving you an instant glow and making it look healthier. Next, you want to prime your face with the primer of your choice. This will help even out your skin and make your foundation stay in place.

2. Even out the complexion of your face. Now that your face is hydrated and ready for makeup we are moving on to foundation. Using the foundation of your choice, you are going to apply it to your skin. I like to get some product on the back of my hand and dab it on my face with my fingers, then smooth it out with a damp Beauty Blender. This gives me a very light and airy look and it literally takes only a few seconds.

3. Eyebrows. Whether you have great eyebrows or they need a little help, now a days these babies are more important than you think! Here’s what you can do to give them some life and tame them. Using a spoolie brush, brush them out to make them look nice and symmetrical. With an eyebrow pencil fill in very lightly wherever you feel you need some help. Then lock in the look with a clear brow gel. I like using Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Wiz” which is a duo of eyebrow pencil and a spoolie  and her “Brow Gel” these products guarantee your eyebrows to stay on all day.

4. Conceal. Using your favorite concealer, you are going to conceal any dark circles under your eyes and also brighten and even out your eyelids, since we won’t be using any eyeshadows. Using your ring finger, dab the concealer into your skin. The trick is to dab the product on as opposed to rubbing it on. This allows you to cover your dark circles more effectively using less product and also prevents you from getting product in places where is not wanted. Using concealer on your eyelids helps to cover any redness and even out the color of your lids. To finish this step you can apply a finishing powder to the places where you applied the concealer to help seal the product and prevent it from creasing, My favorite is Laura Mercier Secret Brighting Powder.

5. Highlight, Highlight, Highlight. This is a quick step that will make a huge difference because it will brighten your face and will give a radiant glow. Using a shimmery highlighter you want to highlight three key places on your face: your brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes and your cheek bones.

6.  Define your Lids. Using a pencil eyeliner, line your upper lashline only! This line does not have to be perfect, because we are going to diffuse it and give it a more effortless and less harsh look. Using a small angled brush, smudge the line taking it a little further past your eye giving your line a little wing. This will give the illusion of a bigger and longer eye. After this, just add your favorite mascara. Try to concentrate on your upper lashes by adding a couple of layers to make them look fuller and just coat the bottom lashes once, ( keep a damp Q-tip close by in case you get mascara somewhere unwanted ).

7. Define your Face. So we all know how popular contouring has become, but who has time for all that on an everyday basis? However, we can all use a little defining. This is where a little bronzer comes in! For this type of look I like to use a light sheer bronzer that will compliment the highlighted areas and will still define my face. Using a small angled brush or a medium size tapered brush apply bronzer around the areas you would typically contour. I apply it under my cheek bones, the sides of my forehead and my jawline. Remember not to go overboard with the bronzer. You don’t want to use too much product at once but rather build it up to your desired shade. Here’s another trick, when I apply it under my cheek bones,  I like to go a little further into the center of my face to give some color to my cheeks without having to use blush. BUT remember, don’t go in too far in!

8. Lips. Last but certainly not least, finish off this look by swiping on a bright lipstick that will give your face that pop of color. Bright lipsticks are perfect for Spring and Summer and will guarantee some turning heads! You can also use a lighter lip color during the day and take it up a notch at night by switching your lip color to something more daring and HOT!






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