TrivagoDo you have a man in your life that needs a little fashion makeover? It can be tough to nudge a decent man in the direction of good style. However, a commercial has become an icon for male fashion recently. Your man has certainly seen it. If you are smart, you can use this little commercial shown in between a sporting event or other program to give a little fashion lesson to your loved one. The commercial is for the hotel booking company Trivago. Last year, the company ran an ad where actor Tim Williams was dressed in a haphazard way. This is your teaching tool. First, his jeans are a bit baggy and too long. They look like cotton springs on his legs. Second, his shirt is tucked into his pants, but he isn’t wearing a belt. Third, his shirt is baggy and an unbecoming gray. Finally, his hair is more than a bit disheveled. These are innocent fashion mistakes clueless men make everyday. However, guys don’t normally notice them. This commercial puts all those fashion errors out there in one shot for the world to pick apart.

The company eventually realized the litany of fashion errors their spokesman was committing, and held a contest, won by an Atlanta personal consultant to remake Williams’ look. The results are stunning. Now, Williams is dressed in slim fitting jeans, a stylish belt, a form fitting shirt, and a great haircut. Subsequent commercials bring great variants. Ladies, point these changes out to your man!
Use Williams’ fashion errors to your advantage. Show your hapless fellow that Williams’ ordeal gives evidence that baggy jeans are out. Use it to convince your loved one to invest in a variety of ensembles. Show the before and after clips to illustrate to your man how a shirt is supposed to fit. If you do, your husband or boyfriend will be reminded of these fashion tips each time he sees Williams in a commercial.


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