FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale, France’s #1 Aromatized Rosé Wine with Real Fruit Juice, Expands distribution to new Markets

Following the launch in New York, New Jersey, California, and Pennsylvania, FRUITS AND WINE by Moncigale has now launched in Florida

Miami, FL. (July 7, 2016) – Satisfying the growing trend in the U.S that 66% of consumers are eager to mix wine with fruit/juices (Source: IRI Group), FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale is expanding its distribution in the U.S market with three flavors of its popular libation which features all-natural blends of rosé wine with real fruit juices. Imported by Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits, an expert in flavors since 1755, the result is a guilt-free drink with less sugar than a classic cola and less alcohol than the classic wine (7 to 8.5% alcohol).

“After a successful launch in Canada, we realized that FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale was the answer to a current consumer need; a delightful drink, with low calories and easy to drink,” explains Nicolas Guillant, President of Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits Americas.

FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale highlights flavors that feature real fruit juice infusions with no fruit syrup to produce an all-natural refreshment; flavors include Cherry Rosé, a delicious blend of rosé wine and cherry juice that delivers natural and delicately sweet notes; Grapefruit Rosé, a succulent blend of rosé wine and grapefruit juice that delivers sweet and tart notes; and the Strawberry Rosé, a luscious blend of rosé wine and strawberry juice that offers sweet and refreshing notes.

To meet high consumer demand, the popular rosé brand has had to increase their retail doors, now offering its products throughout key markets across the U.S., including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida and Pennsylvania.

FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale has also been a proud sponsor of the arts throughout the country including its recent and highly successful event at the Manayunk Arts Festival in Pennsylvania in June 2016. “We had the opportunity to pour FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale to over 5,000 guests of the festival,” says Guillant. “It was a fantastic way to build brand awareness, create some buzz and drive consumers to nearby stores. We have seen an immediate sales jump following this event and our product is already out of stock throughout Pennsylvania.”

With more people looking to enjoy refreshing mixed wines, FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale has become a staple for brunch or an afternoon aperitif, especially when paired with greens and seafood. With easy to open screw tops that keep the product fresh for up to a month after opening, the rose blend can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time.

About FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale

FRUITS AND WINE® by Moncigale, #1 in France and one of the world’s bestselling aromatized wine, makes no compromise on quality and uniqueness. Building on a noble heritage, FRUITS AND WINE® is produced exclusively from Rose wine and real fruit juice at Moncigale – located at the heart of three emblematic vineyards of southern France – Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, and the Rhône Valley.




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