Friday Night Guests and VIPs at Swimweek 2015

On Friday evening at Swimweek, this was the busiest day so far as there were fashion shows hosted by Robb and Lulu, Filthy Haanz, and Mikah just to name a few. At one point (9pm) there were three different fashion shows taking place at three different locations featuring the swimwear of “Style Saves Swim at the Edition Hotel, Sinesia Karol at the Setai Hotel and San Lorenzo Bikinis at the W Hotel”.

IMG_9578 IMG_9576 IMG_9572 IMG_9571 IMG_9570 IMG_9429 IMG_9428  IMG_9425 IMG_9423 IMG_9421 IMG_9419 IMG_9418 IMG_9417 IMG_9415 IMG_9414 IMG_9413 IMG_9412 IMG_9411 IMG_9410 IMG_9409 IMG_9408 IMG_9407 IMG_9405 IMG_9404 IMG_9403 IMG_9402 IMG_9401 IMG_9400 IMG_9399  IMG_9269   IMG_9263 IMG_9260  IMG_9250 IMG_9248 IMG_9244 IMG_9243 IMG_9241 IMG_9240 IMG_9239 IMG_9238 IMG_9235 IMG_9230 IMG_9229 IMG_9228 IMG_9227 IMG_9190 IMG_9188 IMG_9185 IMG_9184 IMG_9183 IMG_9182 IMG_9181 IMG_9180 IMG_9179 IMG_9178 IMG_9177 IMG_9174 IMG_9173 IMG_9172 IMG_9171 IMG_9170 IMG_9169 IMG_9168 IMG_9167 IMG_9166 IMG_9165 IMG_9164 IMG_9163 IMG_9159 IMG_9158 IMG_9157 IMG_9156 IMG_9155 IMG_9154 IMG_9152 IMG_9151 IMG_9150 IMG_9149 IMG_8862 IMG_8860 IMG_8858 IMG_8856

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