Fashion for a Cause, Haiti
Dr. Darren B. Naugles with his wife Lisa Nicole

On January 12th, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. By January 24th, there were an additional 52 reported aftershocks. ( Estimates range the death toll at over 220,000 people. Over 300,000 people were injured. (NPR.Org) The devastation was felt around the world. Countries responded immediately by sending financial aid, food and much needed resources. Wyclef Jean took immediate action and raised more than 16 million dollars to help out Haiti. (NYTimesMobile, Oct 12th, 2012) As time goes on, and new disasters and crises take center stage in the media, Haiti is still trying to rebuild. As you are reading this article, people are still displaced, resources are still needed and emergency medical care is in great demand. Anyone wishing to learn more about the devastating earthquake can still find information online. (You can use any of the quoted article information listed above to learn more)

When a devastating incident like this takes place, everyone will get involved to lend a helping hand. It’s the right thing to do. But what about later? What happens when the relief stops coming? Questions begin to arise in the wake of the event. Were resources used and allocated appropriately? Is there anything left? Who is helping now? These are legitimate questions, however, it doesn’t immediately help the people who are directly impacted. In this particular incident, the people of Haiti still need help and they are in desperate need of financial aid, resources and medical care.

Lisa Nicole Cloud (Lisa Nicole Collections, “”) and her husband, Dr. Darren B. Naugles (For Dr. D) decided to do something about it. They each utilized their skills, talents and influence to create “Fashion for a Cause” to help the country of Haiti continue to get back on its feet. On Sunday May 31st at the Broad Street Ballroom located in Lower Manhattan, these two fashion activists put on a great fashion show to continue raising money for a country that is still in desperate need of help. For Lisa and Darren, it was more than just another cause to raise money, it was a calling. They had a specific vision to raise money to help send 15 medical doctors to various hospitals around Haiti to provide emergency medical assistance to those in need.

In addition, they will send over 200,000 medical supplies to Haiti. They are still reaching out to hospitals in the US to donate equipment that is desperately needed in the hospitals. They are currently working directly with two hospitals in Haiti, Osatma Hospital and Bernard Mevs hospital. Each of these hospitals is located in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

New York Style Guide is proud to present the collections of Lisa Nicole Cloud and her husband, Dr Darren B. Naugles.

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