The Dolce & Gabbana’s 2016 Spring Summer Fashion show in Milan had a retro feel to the clothes in part by playing ode to the romantic Italy of the 1950’s. The new collection is all about romanticism. In fact, the motto of the show was “Italia is Love”. The dresses, skirts and blouses had the feel an era long since gone by. A simpler time when women’s fashion was feminine and proud to embrace it.

Though the 1950’s retro feel is embraced in 2016 line, Dolce & Gabbana uses aesthetics that makes the fashion uniquely their own.  The Design House uses lace, embroidered flowers as well as famous scenes and landscapes as an integral part of the collection. Also highlighted in the show was their use of handbags. The handbag plays an important part of the show as the clothes and handbags looked as though they were meant for one another.

Watching the models stroll down the runway, I was teleported back to a more innocent time circa “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Roman Holiday” for the cute, endearing and passionate sense the clothes emanate. What further re-enforced the light-hearted, romantic feel was having the models take “Selfies” of themselves as they saunter the runway. It is nice to see the Design House let the models have fun and enjoy themselves.

When plenty of current Fashion Houses are trying to push the envelop with a modern urban feel, D&G has done the complete opposite and given us what can best be described as timeless, effortless and elegant.


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