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Developed in 2009 by designer Ron Poisson, Cult of Individuality has forged a reputation with a global audience as the veritable CULT leader of denim and the “Jeansmith to the One.” Their designer denim-driven collections unite a social movement of misfits, dreamers, rebels, artists, contrarians and upstarts under a signature style that is equal parts craftsmanship, cool and authenticity. The brand is fueled by the bold passion of the wearer. Rooted in revolt with an empowering quality of standing out above the ordinary; CULT uses denim like an artist uses a canvas–for distinctly personal exploration and expression.

CULT is a denim brand for the fashion forward jean junkie who gets high off a cocktail of vintage, embellishment, selvedge and rebellion, tied together by impeccable craftsmanship. This helps fuel a new badass attitude for an otherwise universal fabric. There are daring threads of handcrafted workmanship in every garment. With countless variations of the rip and repair deconstruction, CULT has risen to premium, anti-trend, designer denim status and is recognized by individuals who appreciate the brand’s fusing of old methods with new ideology. Their legacy has been built on crafting an elevated approach to denim fits and washes across expanded men’s and women’s collections sold to only the upper end of retailers.

PP: $120-$189


New York Fashion Week 2016 Mens: Loris Diran Spring / Summer 2016 Runway Presentation


New York Fashion Week 2016 Mens: Craft Atlantic Spring / Summer 2016 Presentation

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