Colombian Fashion Designers are Redefining a New Era of Swimwear

Paraiso Miami Beach presented Destination Colombia, a tropical fashion show featuring 12 Colombian fashion designers redefining the meaning of swimwear. Despite all the cataclysmic events of 2020, designers have seen a fruitful revenue and a resurgence of pleasure-seeking activities that have propelled their sales. From versatile bodysuits with gigot sleeves to abstract dresses, this new era of resort wear promises to fulfill the need for dynamic experiences.

Destination Colombia is an exhibition of glamour, quality, and innovation pioneering a new era of swimwear with transitional pieces that can be worn to dinner or the pool. “No matter what is going on, you always have to stay optimistic. The flow of each fabric means freedom. I want each piece to fill the consumer with joy,” shares the owner of Praia, Dayanara Duran. Dressmaking as art is what characterizes each Colombian designer. Raw materials stretch from the traditional A-line silhouette to a more structural design, emphasizing the human architecture. 

Clearly, 2020 has been a year of isolation and less enjoyment but with the rise of outdoor activities, designers have found a niche of loyal consumers seeking in-person experiences by ushering modernism into their collections. “Every silhouette is meant to make the woman feel sensual and comfortable with herself,” shares the owner of Estivo, Andres Uribe. Aside from innovating the structural tradition of swimwear garments, Colombian designers are responding to environmental disasters by utilizing ecological materials in their designs.

Estivo uses six recyclable pet bottles to produce one garment while maintaining the essence of their clothing. Innovation is what makes Colombia a unique purveyor of swimwear on a global level, while still addressing the link between racial inequality and sustainability. Womenswear brand, Carolina Estefan works with local artisans to produce her designs while preserving the heritage of her label.

Other established brands such as OndadeMar, Verdelimon, and Encantadore also presented their collection along with Palmacea, Mola Mola, Ancora, Carolina Estefan, Estivo, Corpo, Praia, Nawa, and Mar de Rosas. Though the pandemic has put on halt luxury brands, Colombian resort wear has seen a promising future in the swimwear sector. “Sales soared during the pandemic and this has been our best season. Before, we distributed to 8 countries and now we ship to 18 countries,” adds Dayanara. 

It seems that Colombia is capturing the world through exotic colors, textures, and a new form of draping. It is a revolution that will elevate the wearer’s experience way beyond the pandemic’s aftermath.


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