Joan and Melissa Rivers 9-6-13
Joan and Melissa Rivers at NY Fashion Week in Lincoln Center 9-6-13 – photo by Andrew Wright

As one of the most fearless woman in the entertainment industry, Joan Rivers was never afraid to say what was truly on her mind. Today on her birthday, June 8th, we celebrate the life of Joan Rivers, one of the most powerful woman in entertainment with her numerous contributions to society and fashion as well.

Many of us best remember Joan Rivers as the host on the popular television show Fashion Police on E! The concept for the show came about from River’s many years of laughable and straightforward interviews with celebrities from the red carpet. River’s was always aspiring to be the greatest physical version of herself, and she sincerely thought all women should listen to her advice if they ever wanted to succeed in life. While her obsession with physical appearance ultimately helped contribute to her prosperity, it also influenced her struggles with depression and bulimia and an unhealthy preoccupation with plastic surgery. Joan Rivers made a career out of openly criticizing women and their bodies including her own body, but it wasn’t because she desired to be ruthless in the public eye, rather she was expressing a voice in defense of women all over that many of us were afraid to speak out.

Aside from being as tough as she could be on the fashion selections of celebrities, Joan Rivers was a real believer of sophisticated style who without a doubt wore fur and tormented PETA. Joan Rivers had many connections to the fashion industry including designers Dennis Basso and Elie Tahari who were among her close friends, and was a common sight at fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. Before her death, she had planned to co-host with Michael Kors at the Bergdorf Goodman party to honor the publication of a book by Betty Halbreich, who is a personal shopper for the story. She even designed and retailed jewelry and clothing lines on shopping channels. Without a doubt she was recognized by the world of fashion, even when people didn’t agree with her actions.

Today, Joan Rivers is greatly missed by people everywhere! She would have been 82 years old today.



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